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Fall 2020

Carter Hales Design Lab
An experiment gone right.

Design for the
Common Good

Artists, designers and other creative professionals have the power to effect positive social change and generate financial reward.

Welcome to Upstart Co-Lab and the world of Impact Investing

Creative Impact Impact Investing

The creative economy of the United States represents a market of more than $800 billion, and it accounts for more than ten million jobs. It includes disciplines traditionally considered to be "the arts" - theatre, literature, visual art, music, dance. But it also includes industries like food, fashion, media, and design.

The creative sector is a promising place to invest - if you know where to look. That's where Upstart Co-Lab comes in. They're a non-profit organization that connects investors who believe in the power of creativity and culture to drive positive impact with entrepreneurs in the creative economy addressing critical social and environmental issues.

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"Creative people solve problems."
Laura Callanan - Upstart Co-Lab

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