Design Teams
Fall 2020

Carter Hales Design Lab
An experiment gone right.

Design for the
Common Good

Artists, designers and other creative professionals have the power to effect positive social change and generate financial reward.

Welcome to Upstart Co-Lab and the world of Impact Investing

The "Why" Behind the Book

Here are three things we know:
  • Good design solves problems.

  • Entrepreneurs are the driving force of a healthy economy.

  • There’s a rising class of impact investors who put social issues and the value of artistic creation on a level more esteemed than pure financial gain, and who support creators who dare to think bigger about the world we share.

Carter Hales Design Lab is a globally-recognized branding and design firm known for creating stunning brand identities, custom packaging, web experiences, and print design. We are proud to know and work with emerging entrepreneurs and established organizations alike – from all over the planet – that make the world a better place.

So, in partnership with Mitchell Press and their Design Teams initiative, we are pleased to feature some pretty big thinkers, makers, and believers – as well as the people supporting them with impact capital – all of whom embody the power of conscious creation and thoughtful design.

It's a celebration of those who take a more deliberate approach to how we live, create, consume, teach, play, and even invest.

Call it an experiment gone right.

About Design Teams

Mitchell Press' Design Teams project asks the question: "How can design teams leverage the mindfulness of design for the greater good?" This collaborative platform, Design Teams, was created by Mitchell Press to encourage creatives to share their vision of how design can do good. This book is a Design Teams collaboration between Carter Hales Design Lab, Aaron Bernardi, Upstart Co-Lab, and Mitchell Press Ltd.